Feeling chilly in the middle of the night? Allow Bubblebee’s Hot Series to warm you up!

Hot Coffee Series

Ice Cream Series
BubbleBee Hot Drink Series


Enter an espresso wonderland and choose your journey! Your tastebuds, your adventure, because coffee should always have a variety of options! ☕️
3 types of beans for you to choose from: Sumatra/Myanmar/India

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series


Our Americano is your reliable partner in fighting fatigue and making your mornings or any time better. Turn fatigue into productivity with a cup of espresso, because every morning deserves a delicious start! ☀️

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series


Meet our Cappuccino, the Espresso dream team joined by fresh milk and frothy magic. It's like a little coffee party in your cup – where bold meets creamy, and frothiness takes centre stage. ☕️🥛

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series


Experience our Mocha – a symphony of rich Espresso, smooth fresh milk, and a sweet dance of chocolate powder and subtle honey. Indulge in every sip, where flavours go well together for a moment of delightful elation. 🤤

Ice Cream Series
BubbleBee Ice Cream Series


Embrace the comfort and elegance of our Latte, a harmonious trio mix of rich espresso, smooth fresh milk and luxurious milk foam. Indulge in a silky smooth blend that turns your coffee breaks into moments of pure bliss.

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Butterscotch Latte

Sip into pure indulgence with our Butterscotch Latte. A warm hug of velvety sweetness envelops your senses, making each sip a comforting journey into butterscotch paradise. 🧈

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Salted caramel Latte

Drift away into the waves of sweetness and saltiness with our Salted Caramel Latte. Balancing the rich caramel notes with a touch of savoury salt for an irresistible taste. 🥞

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Vanilla Latte

Elevate your senses with our Vanilla Latte. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of smooth vanilla, where every sip is a graceful dance of sweetness that caresses your palate. 🍦

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Irish Nut Latte

Embark on a flavorful journey with our Hazelnut Latte. Each sip not only combines the nutty richness but also introduces a delightful crunch. The velvety smoothness lingers on your palate, creating a uniquely indulgent experience. 🌰

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Hazelnut Latte

Enjoy our Irish Nut Latte, which is a healthy yet delicious drink for you to savour with every sip. It’s like a ‘cool’ party in a cup. 🥜

Hot Non-Coffee Series

BubbleBee Non Coffee Series

Hot Honey Lemon

Stay soothe with our Hot Honey Lemon with the main star, Honey and a refreshing lemon slice. It is perfect for a chilly weather or when you need a healthy, calming sip that makes you go ahhh! 🍯🍋

BubbleBee Non Coffee Series

Hot Milk With Honey Lemon

Enjoy a sense of comfort with our Honey Hot Milk - a smooth mixture of fresh milk and milk foam and of course, honey to fully make sure you feel relaxed. 🍯🥛

BubbleBee Non Coffee Series

Hot Chocolate

Meet our Hot Chocolate. It's not just about warming your body during cold weather; it's a comforting embrace that also warms everyone's heart right?❤️‍🔥



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