A mouthful of ice cream is sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of faces! Explore the variety of choices in our Ice Cream Series, enjoyable by young and old. 

Coffee Series

Ice Cream Series
BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Coffee Frappe

Chill out with our Coffee Ice Blended. Crowned with a luscious layer of cheesecake cream cheese and honey to elegantly balance the boldness of the coffee. ☕🧣🤎🧸

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Mocha Frappe

Smooth and silky mocha ice blended with cheesecake cream cheese, creating a dreamy coffee that's perfect for your everyday pick me up drink! 📅🥤

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Coffee & Chip Frappe

The sweetness of chocolate and the bitterness of coffee form a sweet combination. The crunch of the chocolate chips and the creamy indulgence of the cheesecake cream cheese add to the richness of your taste. 🧀☕🍫

Non-Coffee Series

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Signature Toffee Cream With Honeycomb

Attention ice-blended fans! You won't want to miss our top pick: the Signature Toffee Cream Ice Blended. An essential on our menu, it combines the ultimate blend of caramel and chocolate chips, making it the perfect frozen treat to give you a Toffeefied brain. Brrrr 🥞🍮

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Chocolate Brownies Frappe

Feeling to have a very sinful and sweet treat? We have our decadent Chocolate Brownies Ice Blended to enjoy it your own way, like a dessert-like drinking experience. 🍩


BubbleBee Hot Drink Series

Mango Smoothies

BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Blueberry Smoothies

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BubbleBee Ice Cream Series

Strawberry Smoothies


BubbleBee Non Coffee Series

Mango Float

Where mango drizzle meets the cool embrace of vanilla ice cream, complemented by fizzy soda water and the sweetness of diluted honey. Very refreshingly smooth, it's your tropical escape from the hot weather here! 🥭💛

BubbleBee Non Coffee Series

Strawberry Float

Sweet and sour is not just in the sauce, it can also be found in this drink. With a tangy strawberry drizzle, refreshing mint leaves, creamy vanilla ice cream and bubbly bubbles from soda water, this drink strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour. 🎀🍓



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