Crafting a Tale of
Sweetness and Wellness

In December 2019, a local radio celebrity named Shuib Sepahtu embarked on a sweet venture that would soon captivate the hearts of Malaysians. What started as a modest endeavour soon transformed into a nationwide sensation, resonating with the taste buds and hearts of Malaysians. Today, with over 65 thriving outlets across the country, BubbleBee stands as a symbol of sweetness and success.

The Power of
Pure Honey

The heart of BubbleBee’s success story is the golden treasure bestowed by nature – pure honey. Revered as a superfood, honey is not just a delicious delight but also a gateway to enhanced well-being.

BubbleBee steps beyond the conventional, embarking on a mission to educate, particularly the younger generation, about the manifold benefits of integrating honey into their lives. Each drop of BubbleBee honey is a testament to our commitment, sourced sustainably from our own bee farm, ensuring both quality and environmental stewardship.

A Journey to Wholesome Living

In a world dominated by sugary temptations, BubbleBee arrives with a refreshing perspective. Honey, with its lower glycemic index, emerges as a healthier alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste. More than a mere dietary choice, BubbleBee encourages a lifestyle shift where honey becomes a constant companion on the path to holistic wellness.


To be the global beacon of wellness and sweetness, inspiring individuals to embrace a life of vitality and joy through the goodness of honey.


We are dedicated to creating a world where sweetness and well-being intertwine harmoniously. By promoting the remarkable benefits of pure honey, we strive to educate and empower people of all ages to make healthier choices and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness.

From Local Triumphs
to Global Horizons

BubbleBee’s story isn’t just about culinary innovation; it’s about spreading joy far beyond the plate. Beyond his role in the entertainment realm, Shuib Sepahtu found a medium to share happiness through BubbleBee’s delectable offerings. This dedication to delight fuels BubbleBee’s expansion, strengthening its local roots and embarking on international ventures.

Savoring Life's Sweetness,
Embracing Vibrant Health

From its inception to its present triumphs, BubbleBee’s story unfolds like the layers of a honeycomb – intricate, delightful, and filled with sweetness. Join us as we embrace this journey, celebrating the fusion of flavor and well-being that defines BubbleBee. From local roots to global aspirations, together we redefine the connection between indulgence and a life well-lived.



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